Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bhavnaawonko samjho

This is a story of how I saved very precious internet bandwidth, and, more importantly ,my precious time.

In the earlier scenario (the one which wasted a lot of both bandwidth and time), the google chat goes as follows :)

Mowgli: Abey, marriage photo dekha hai maine!
Praveen: Kiska?
Mowgli: Mujhe kya pata?
Praveen: ??
Mowgli: Woh chod. Wo ladki kaun hai tere baaju mein?
Praveen: Woh?? My ex-team mate's friend.
Mowgli: What’s her name?
Praveen: Abhistashobita Prasannakshi
Mowgli: Nice name
Praveen: Yes
Mowgli: She is pretty too.
Praveen: Yes
Mowgli: Works in your team?
Praveen: No
Mowgli: Your company?
Praveen: Yes
Mowgli: Have you talked to her?
Praveen: No.
Mowgli: Why not?
Praveen: Coz I don’t know her.
Mowgli: But does your colleague know her?
Praveen: Yes
Mowgli: Then?
Praveen: She knows her,I dont. Not in my team. Not on my floor. Not in my cab, and many more nots…
Mowgli: Single?
Praveen: Who? Me?
Mowgli: Grr
Praveen: Oh she? No, she's married.
Mowgli: Oh!
Praveen: ??
Mowgli: Nothing...wazzup man what else?

(Characters spent on this chat : 836 )

Then came another Yamla Pagla Deewana.
This time, I was ready to save the world from WWW (World Wide Wait) by wasting more internet space.

Junglee: Who is the girl standing next to you?
Junglee: In the marriage photo
Praveen: Wife of the person standing by her on the other side:)
Junglee: Oops !! Case closed. Don’t show him this message.
Junglee: status changed: In search of some other one than the one planned yesterday !!!
(Characters spent on this chat : 294 )

Saved: 542 chars of space !!!

Moral of the story : Bhavnaawonko samjho.Know thy friends !!!

(Predicting tommorrow's chat)
KirikMama : Maga that Bhavnaawonko samjho.. yaaro aa bhaavna?? E&C alli odtidlalva avla?


  1. I already knew the story.... still .... i enjoyed it
    amazingly presented....!
    pgn... add the entire mail conversation also....


  2. Heheh... Good one yet again.. But dont be so disappointed, there could be someone asking ur neighbour "who is that smart guy mostly on Gchat- can I have his Chat id : ;-)"

  3. Good one yet again :)

  4. Thanks everyone:)

    The side-effect of this blog is now people are wasting their time and internet bandwidth mailing me to send that photo to them :)

    Do you think I will ??!!!

  5. Nice one you would have posted the pic also at least we could know the root cause of internet slowness

  6. Hey Good one :)


  7. if you share your blogs on the facebook, it's easier to "like" it :D..... Good one...

  8. Wonderful narration!! Keep up the good work................ :)


  9. Nice one dude....... keep it up....