Saturday, July 4, 2009

Different people different perceptions.

Last Friday I was testing one of our feature which I was developing with two other colleagues,Nagraj and Shruthi. I had to create a hostname in our software and instead of giving normal names such as hostname1 or testhost ,I thought of getting off-track and named it as Shurpanaka. A cool name to name a host machine I thought.
Everything was OK until another Christian colleague noticed this.Now not knowing the story of Ramayana ,she wondered what Shurpanaka meant.She asked me a couple of times but I thought I need not explain as it was so obvious.Also as an hint I jokingly said it was the person ( I meant her) among us. She did not give up.After thinking hard for 68565 milliseconds she reached upon a conclusion.

Can you guess what she concluded??

Well she felt it was a short form of 3 persons who developed the feature :
shur (Shruthi)+
ka(belonging to {in Hindi})
Shruthi,Praveen,Nagaraj ka feature !!!!

Wow what an unbelievable matching !!!
No confusion ,Great combination !!

Afterall ,Different people different perceptions :-)