Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When the pussy cat is away ,mickey mouse will play !!

Hi All,
Let me introduce myself.I am what I am.I am what U are reading.I am THE BLOG.I came to know that my owner who named me Mystery of my spirit is mysteriously missing .And because no one else was concerned what is being written here,I thought I will just try to fill the space till his so-called inspiration comes back.He says he does not know why he felt bored by me or why he is no more interested in me.(To know his arrogance read the blog below).But I don't think he will be away for too long.And till he returns let me tell you some of our secrets and what he thinks of me..
I don't know what he did to share his articles before he met me but what I know is that the main purpose he meets me is to share his thoughts with other people.He thinks that because he is damn sure that his articles wont get published anywhere he can easily type it here and think he has got his published.I laugh at his silliness. HA HA HA.But when I do poke him about this he starts bragging about some of his stuff actually making it to the Engg college magazine "Technovision" and his Polaris company mag "Toggle" .But make no mistake I still feel that it was not because of his literary brilliance but only because there were no more articles to fill their pages.
But deep in his heart he knows that he needs me to scribble some random thoughts that is running in his mind and because he has taken pains to write it he wants someone to take the pain to read it too...What a loser :-)
And more than a loser,he is lazy.Lazy to even cross check what he has written or at least run a spell check and correct spellings.He says he is like Kumaravyasa.Once written he will not crosscheck.He claims he wrote his exams like that only."Write Once Recheck never" is his mantra it seems.But let me tell you by now he should have realised how people get pissed off seeing grammatically incorrect sentences.Now that 2 of his readers(yes some people still read) have commented about it,its high time that he takes spelling seriously.
Now all of a sudden he says that he is not interested in me but I don't care ... Its not as if he is the only writer in the world.My sixth sense is telling me that he will soon be back and I am hoping for the best.And I guarantee you that even if he is back ,his writings will still be amateurish but will be what it was....Random thoughts expressed in random words .
To end with, I shall quote one of Calvinism : "I used to hate writing assignments, but now I enjoy them. I realized that the purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure poor reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!"

So Mr. Mystery of my spirit ...don't get bored.Inflate your ideas ...Come on...WRITE