Monday, July 5, 2010

The Legend of the Great Fielder

If you have read this :Cricketing genius ,then you might be wondering how the life of this cricketing genius must have been.Here is one of the life snippet of this great man.

The foundation of his career as a cricketer was laid down when he was young; Praveen learnt everything that his Foreign Coach Mr. Drown Acha Rya could teach him in fielding, attaining the status of "ಮಹಾ ಗದ್ದೆಗಾರ " or outstanding fielder. A well known story about Praveen exemplifies his powers of concentration during fielding Coach Mr. Drown decided to test his trainees in their skill of fielding. He took them to New Public School ground on saturday evening and then summoned his trainees.(FYI, Any ground in Bangalore ,small or big will be filled with at-least 15-20 separate teams having 6-15 members each,playing simultaneously on the same ground but different pitches and matches). He asked the first one to stand at long on. He then asked the trainee what he could see. The fielder replied that he could see whole ground,different teams,different batsmen etc. Mr Drown asked him to step aside and not field. He repeated the same process with a few other trainees. When it was Praveen's turn, Praveen told his Coach that the only thing he could see was only the ball which his team was bowling with. This satisfied the coach and he allowed Praveen to field. The lesson here is the power of unwavering focus this lad had at such a small age.Foreign Coach Mr. Drown then promised him that he would make him the greatest fielder of all times...
It was this great fielder who later joined the Indian National team and earned several world records to his name.All was well until IPL happened.When he went to field for the first time,Praveen just stopped near the boundary line.He was let down by the idea of being pitted again his own national level team mates.How could he stop runs being scored by his own team mates when he himself had encouraged them to score runs against other countries in the world. It was at this time that the team coach Krishh came up to him and gave him a 18 minute lecture on how it was his duty to play the match as he had been bought in auction by his bidders for crores of rupees.What would happen to team
sponsors,the fans who had come to watch him field and bat.After all this discussion he finally entered the field and the match begun.

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