Monday, December 17, 2007

Vishwamaanava Sandesha

Kuvempu's "vishwamaanava sandesha"

Every child, at birth ,is the universal man. But, as it grows, we turn it into “a petty man”. It shouldbe the function of the education to turn it again into the original “universal man”.
The child which by birth was the universal man us fettered by us with such constraints as country, language, religion, caste race and colour. To free it from all these limitations and transform it into “the enlightened soul”, that is to say the universal man, -- this should become the first and foremost function of our education, culture, civilization and what not. All children of the world should become “unhoused” beings, if the world should survive , should continue to live, and advance.

hmm something similar ......

I was just thinking that in some way my life got the other way round..but would like to conclude that finally it is the education, culture and civilization that made me the Universal man.

By birth I was born in a small town and thought that was my universe..gradually as I grew up ,I began travelling places, knowing ppl and since my education ranged from davangere to bangalore to mangalore to chikmagalore, I began becoming more and more "state" person. Then I got a job in Mumbai..Moving to north India for the first time in my life I found a true cosmopolitan city with such diverse culture that you met all kinds of ppl from various walks of life here.I, for the first time knew the geographic location of my colleges and exactly which part of India it was. Adjusting with this varitey of ppl was fun..Yes I had become national.Then came my 2 small onsite opportunities..went to "foriegn" twice and both times brought rich set of cultural was the first time I thought about iraq wars, daylight saving etc... now I felt I had access to all info about the world..the world was of course a very small place.the world was mine..Or I now did not belong to hubli or north karnataka or karnataka or south India or India..I was the member of this world.. this universe... I was now a universal man....kuvempu would be proud of me...

OK you are asking me that I hv seen only this earth but never out of it ...and so am not universal??
Well I hv been to the moon and travelled across space with my mom and grandmother during my childhood itself!!!!!!

PS: I know he meant something different but you cant stop me from interpreting this differently !!

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  1. I want email/ phone. want talk about Vishwamaanava Sandesha.

    on this base we can start one movement