Friday, February 15, 2008

When dream matches reality !! : A telepathic truth

Yesterday I had a dream..I dreamt Vivekananda of our class (Engg college
mate) distributing sweets. He looked very jubilant and excited. He was
wearing a green shirt and jeans. When I met him he was at the bookstall
and was giving sweet to the bookstall owner. I approached him and asked him
the reason but he would not say. This raised my curiosity and I nagged him
to answer me but still he was adamant. Just then a young girl came to the
stall and saw Vivekananda and said "I know Y U are distributing sweets". I
told that girl "What’s the use if only you know?? Why don’t U tell me? But
as vivek she too would not answer..



Today morning just for the fun of it and to quench my curiosity I called up
Vivekananda and asked why he was distributing sweets in MY dreams??
Surprisingly enough he told me an incident which happened yesterday.
He had been at the sapna book house to buy books and after
selecting the books was standing in the queue for bill payment. Just then a
young girl came to him and said "Excuse me”. As a true gentleman he gave her
the space only to learn later that she had joined the line in front of
him. He told her this was cheating to which she replied..."Tomm is
valentines day there is nothing wrong in doing a small favour to a
girl like me!!!!" this talk went for a while during which she asked him
what would be the colour code onV-day.
He said GREEN!!!!! Such was her smile that he fell flat

So there was an exact matching of details: Vivekananda, a girl, being happy,
bookstall, green colour..... Well abt that sweet distribution part...may
be god decided to exaggerate a bit!!

Now I knew Y he was distributing sweets yesterday!!!Eventhough
he thought no one was watching him, Here I was keeping track of his move
from a thousand kilometers far!!

Now I believe in telepathy!!!

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