Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yes the history repeats itself, atleast in my case. Again the start is the same ,same PM saying the same words regarding my impending 15 days travel to Germany, the same apprehension whether I would be sent or not. The only things different were the place I would travel to and the client I would meet and the excitement level which was not that high as it would be my second time.
Nothing special about my departure from here. Got a direct boring flight from Frankfurt got to my hotel and slept peacefully.
Only the next morning I realized that I did not have the address of the client I would be visiting .I was shocked, how I could be so foolish. But now that I had come so far I ha to find out a way. Being the Sherlock Holmes of India, I coolly went to the receptionist and asked for the nearest branch of Deutshe leasing. The logic was simple. If my company put me in a hotel in that place, the workplace would be near...Genious naa??

I went to the nearest railway station to got o my workplace. But there was only a ticket vending machine and none to help me. Since the station was deserted I could not get ay help to get me ticket and had to hire a cab to get me there. Got to work and worked happily ever after.

The Himesh effect:
This man has become a phenomenon. I realized this when I reached Frankfurt. The taxi which I hired from airport to hotel and then other from hotel to office, both had HR fans as taxi drivers. Though both were pure German and did not speak English too, had only himesh CD's to impress Indians. They both said that they liked his songs & that was the only Hindi CD they had heard in their life.HR rocks!!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo HR tera tera tera Surooooooooor.The only other bollywood ppl they like are SRK and Shilpa Shetty.

Nothing special ,went there, did my work, came out everyday .

I hoped for a hint of icefall everyday but no. The temp ranged from -2 degrees centigrade to 6 degrees but no ice fall .Second time unlucky :-(

Finally the most awaited day came. Since I was the only person traveling from my company to DL, I had to spend Saturday all by myself. I came to know of a hopping area in konstablerwache.So I tool a train to that place and roamed all day. (Yes by now I knew how to buy tickets, blindly follow steps taught by someone. Press the upper button first ,then yellow one, put the money, then type 52,then red button and wait for ticket and remaining change )

Business centre:
Frankfurt being a financial capital of Germany had nothing much to see than the famous commerce bank,deutsche bank and other sky scrapers. Once I saw all these buildings, I started searching for the river main. The most sought after destination in Frankfurt. I had a lot of time and made up my mind to find out my own way. But then Murphy had planned to strike me with his law "If anything has to go wrong it will”. I had started walking in the opposite direction.(My gut feeling cheated me).I kept roaming looking for signboards, going to all types of cross roads and lanes after roaming for 4nonstop hours finally relented to ask a German about the whereabouts of zile river. I did not know the way (As if I did not know it already) and that I had to walk half an hour to get to the river.

River main:
The effort was worth it, I reached the river in the middle of city with city spread over both sides of river. They were innumerable bridges all along the river. Each of the bridges were of different types and kept me absorbed for quite a while. There were joggers, skaters and cyclists too that kept me absorbed :-)

Sundays are so boring that shops are closed :-(

.........Have stopped writing this as I felt bored and nothing special to write :-(


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