Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Astrologer - 2

"Oops, I am sorry, really sorry"

Riding on an empty road at a relatively high speed the kid had apparently lost control,tried to apply brakes but still managed to hit the Astrologer.
Not much damage.
The Astrologer was unfazed .
He smiled,"Whats your name kid?"


"You have 3 daughters and no sons", said the Astrologer with a glint of spark in his eyes.

The family had utmost devotion to God and Gurujis but what he said was unbelievable.
How could he possibly say that with so much of confidence?

The eldest daughter tried to speak when the astrologer said sternly,"Girls need to know how to behave".
She kept quiet.

He continued.
"I know you are in a deep problem, your financial situation is not so good"
The lady of the house still looked confused. Scared.

"And so God has sent me to solve your problems”, This brought a sense of relief on her face.
He dipped Tulsi leaves in a jar he had brought along, and then sprinkled it on the mother daughter duo.
They bowed their head in complete devotion.

And then he started off," Poverty and daughters when combined are the biggest threat to parents. I know you are struggling to marry off your daughters. Your husband, who has left you from many years, whom you think will come anytime, will never return. I am now your only saving grace. "

The mother looked at him with devotion, speechless.
The daughter shrugged at his blabbering as she was not allowed to speak.

"All you have to do is this. In the name of God, give me the chain gifted by your mother during your marriage and I shall perform a special Pooja for you. Within twenty days all your problems will be solved. I will say no more"

The mother slowly got up, still recovering from her shock. She went to the room, came back empty handed and said:
"Guruji, I do not have the chain with me now. Poverty has made me take a loan out of it. I am helpless now. Please do forgive me for this!”
The Guruji said nothing.
He got up, sprinkled Tulsi water again and left.
The mother looked at him confused.
Ramesh came home at his usual time to home. As he had bought sweets for his kids, on the way caught his son, Satyavaan cycling and brought him home too.
His wife was preparing tea. As soon as she heard him, she was relieved.
Ramesh saw beads of stress on her forehead and signed asking what happened.
She broke down.
"All my life I have prayed to every God and Gurujis and what happened today has shattered them all !!"
Now it was his turn to get confused.
She continued,
"Today a Guruji had come to our house...and "
The eldest daughter now pitched in…
"And he said Amma has three daughters and no sons!! Ha ha , He did not tell about Satyavaan only !!
Also he said we are poor. Doesn’t he know we own this house and a farm!! Fraud Guruji!!
"Not only that, " mom added," He said you left us many years ago and would never return"
Things were getting clear now!!

Ramesh asked, " So how much did you pay him for all this nonsense"

"Nothing, he asked for some gold chain which my mom gifted me on my marriage!! Whatta lie, she gifted me only bangles. I told him I don’t have it now and sent him away”
Ramesh was relaxed now. Nothing was lost.
He saw Satyavaan munching away sweets happily, without a care in this world.
Both the parents smiled looking at him.

Slowly he gulped down the last piece, lifted his head and said,
" I am sorry, I hit that guy with a cycle today morning.
Though he did not scold, as a punishment he said I have to answer some of his questions."

Then??Everyone looked at him, curious of what happened.

"Then what, he pointed at our house and asked some questions, I wanted to get away from him and play and told whatever I came in my mind."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM??" Ramesh thundered!!

"Well, whatever I said Astrologer told to Amma and Akka and they have already told you...”, Saying this Satyavaan hopped away..

-----------------------------THE END-------------------------------

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