Thursday, April 24, 2014

Traffic Police and Fatherhood

ಯಮನಿಂದ ತಪ್ಪಿಸಿಕೊಂಡರು ಮಾಮನಿಂದ ತಪ್ಪಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳೋಕೆ ಆಗೋಲ್ಲ !!
(You can escape from Yama but not from Mama {police})

                            And on that fateful day, I was stopped by the traffic police. No, this time he was not hiding in some out-of-sight area to appear suddenly nor was that a deadline wala time for policemen. I slowed down, while my brain was working overtime to figure out which traffic rule I had broken.

Not wearing seatbelt!!!  No... I wasn’t in my car.
Not wearing helmet!!! No, I wasn’t on my bike too!!
Speeding?? No. Was slower than a passerby walking.
No license? NO NO NO... I was on my cycle!!
Then what??

I stopped beside him. He seemed busy easing traffic and asked me to wait. After what seemed like a decade, he comes slowly to me and says
“Nice Cycle”
“Kids nowadays!!”
(Me rolling eyes, with a puzzled look)
“Gear gaadi naa?? “ (With gear?)
“Yes (proudly), 18 of them!!” (Though never used more than 3, ever)
“Rs 8500/-“
“What?? So much of this piece of iron??”
(I stood there, clutching my hands, like a hero who is ready to hit a villain stands, refraining himself from hitting him, just because he has promised his mom)
“And your father happily bought it for you?? “
“Well, I bought it myself, with my own money, I do a job”

Suddenly his tone turned softer
“Oh really, good, Sorry for my remarks. It was not meant for you... It was my anger towards my son”
I felt good and bad at the same time. But it was not time for emotions. I wanted to know why I was stopped and how much “fine” he was expecting.

“What about him?" I enquired
“Well he wants me to buy him a cycle and you know our salary. I cannot afford a Rs.8000 wala . Also its dangerous cycling is traffic."

Now again I felt good and bad at the same time. But this time there time for emotions. I knew why I was stopped: to enquire about cycles.
Felt good as I was not to be fined that day. Die another day ;)
Felt bad as he was a bit helpless in this case.

“Why not buy him a low end cycle, without gears, it works out cheaper” I told
“That’s what I was thinking of, but you see I get bonus after 3 months only. Only then I can buy him one. Till then I don’t know how to face him?”
“What does he study? “
“8th Std, many of his friends have it. So he wants one.”
He came towards me and whispered.” Keeps murmuring about his first love, So I think this is only for show off.. to her”
“Err, hmm.. “, I did not know how to respond.

I analysed the issue.
8th std boy with a friend who is a girl.. First love.
Boy wants a cycle. NOW
Father can afford one three months later but is not able to convince his son to wait. Also he is worried about that “love”

‘What are you thinking?” he asked
“How much does he score in exams??”
“Around 60-65% . Why?"
“And how much he desires to own a cycle?”
“He never stops talking about it!! Would you please tell why you need this information?”
“Good. I think I have a plan. His exams will be in two months and results will be out in around three months. If you promise him to get a cycle if he scores 70% , there are many benefits.
  1. You are not telling him you won’t buy one but now the ball will be in his court to “earn” it
  2. Good marks are always good.
  3. You get three months’ time.
  4. And whatever marks he gets, since you were going to buy it anyways, buy it then.He will be thrilled.

100% WIN WIN situation. I patted my back for this genius idea!!  I was just born to help people !!

His face bloomed.
“Brilliant !!!" he said .
 He looked relieved.”That will keep him away from his love too.. atleast for three months!”
All this time people who were riding, driving, cycling, walking who had seen me talking to him must have been sympathizing me for getting caught. They would never know it was me who was sympathizing about the police.

Four Months Later:

                          I had forgotten about the incident until I saw the same Traffic police again. I was curious to know the outcome of my cunning plan. I stopped near him.He seemed disinterested.
I asked him about his son’s result.
“78 % “ he said, without looking at me.
I sensed trouble. But when curiosity killed the cat, would it leave me??
I asked... as I was riding away from him, slowly
“And what about cycle and first love”

“Well it turned out to be that the cycle itself was his FIRST LOVE and he worked so much for it that he got 78%, the highest percentage gain ever in his class.”
“Wow “, I was amused, “Then what’s your problem?”
And I left as he said this which made me feel good and bad at the same time.
“To encourage his effort on his percentage leap, school awarded him Rs: 5000/- . He bought a cycle for himself with it.”
And then finished his answer with a sad face.
“You just robbed me one of the most important joys of fatherhood, gifting his son his first bicycle!!”

Monday, April 21, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being a celebrity

                      When Usha Uthup stepped out of the mall and fans flocked to get her autograph and a photo with her, we were not surprised. It is one of the perks you get being a celebrity: Being recognized and appreciated in public. It must surely be a good feeling. Even we took a group photo, with her, of course.

                           But that is not the point . The point was she surely must have felt good. Elated.May be more thrilled than us to be getting such recognition in public.One of my friends wanted to check that out. To get the first hand feel of what it feels being mobbed by fans while onlookers watch. We decided to experiment it there.

                              The plan was simple. Go alone inside the mall. Come out casually. We, the team-mates now converted to his fans would rush to him, excited, meet him, shake hands with him ask for autographs and then finally take a picture with him.

And we did it..

Check this below media.The one in the checks shirt is our hero !!

The experiment was a success. We did manage to grab a few eyeballs who kept wondering and making wild guesses as to who the “celebrity” was.

The hero exclaimed, “Even though I knew you people and knew it was staged, I felt sooooooo good. I can now imagine the feel we get for pure, unpaid fan following!!”