Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being a celebrity

                      When Usha Uthup stepped out of the mall and fans flocked to get her autograph and a photo with her, we were not surprised. It is one of the perks you get being a celebrity: Being recognized and appreciated in public. It must surely be a good feeling. Even we took a group photo, with her, of course.

                           But that is not the point . The point was she surely must have felt good. Elated.May be more thrilled than us to be getting such recognition in public.One of my friends wanted to check that out. To get the first hand feel of what it feels being mobbed by fans while onlookers watch. We decided to experiment it there.

                              The plan was simple. Go alone inside the mall. Come out casually. We, the team-mates now converted to his fans would rush to him, excited, meet him, shake hands with him ask for autographs and then finally take a picture with him.

And we did it..

Check this below media.The one in the checks shirt is our hero !!

The experiment was a success. We did manage to grab a few eyeballs who kept wondering and making wild guesses as to who the “celebrity” was.

The hero exclaimed, “Even though I knew you people and knew it was staged, I felt sooooooo good. I can now imagine the feel we get for pure, unpaid fan following!!”


  1. Good one praveen.. Keep blogging!!

  2. Good one... But take clear photos next time.. :P

  3. Good one ! I liked the idea !

  4. Thanks all...

    @Rajiv, Run and Hide... That photos were taken from iPhone and the person taking it is a big apple fanboy !!

  5. Autograph Plzzz :-) - Beladingala Balle