Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Gift

                 I was on my weekend cycling rounds when I suddenly got this brainwave of buying a chocolate bar and giving it to any random person who might have never had it in their life. I thought it would be exciting to see their expressions and anyways it would bring them joy. So I hopped to the nearest shop and bought a bar of Dairy Milk Silk and went on to look out for a deserving candidate.

                After a very short search, I found a boy playing with a waste piece of wood on the sand near the construction site. It was evening and I could see that they had stopped work and returned to their makeshift huts.As soon as I saw him I immediately knew he was the right person to receive this sudden gift.  I knew I would have to wait till I see some elders around him so that they could see what a heart-warming gesture I was about to perform. I did not have to wait long as his mother came out to see what her kid was doing.

            I approached the boy, excited to see the reaction, my heart filled with pride for doing this spontaneous noble deed, and politely asked his mother if I could give him a chocolate. When she agreed, I pulled out the bar and gave it to him.

I waited to see his reaction. I thought he would shriek out of happiness.
He did nothing. He just took it and looked at me.No thanks , no smile, nothing.
I felt a bit disappointed. I expected something more. I looked back at him.

                  He had the same look on his face. But this time, his eyes were talking to me. It showed such sense of gratitude, those gleaming little eyes, that suddenly seemed to clean away all my dirt of sadness in mind and instantaneously cleansed my soul. It was magic. I was thrilled. I had never felt such calmness in my mind before.

 Without saying anything, I left from that place, Cycling and wondering if I had given him a bigger gift or he had given me!!

Update : The sequel to this blog is published here: The Gift-2 


  1. :-))) U should do this more often... Spreading happiness to ppl who are deserving but they dont get them...

  2. Cool buddy... I also need Dairy milk silk :-)

  3. Too gud...
    I also need dairy milk silk

  4. @Unknown,
    The point is ," Do you deserve a free chocolate ? " :)
    I would have atleast tried to give if I had known who you are !!

  5. good one Nelli.. I would add a great quote here which is in context with your blog post:
    Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.
    -Henry Van Dyke

  6. Good one... nice written.
    Keep looking out for people in your floor also there might be few deserving people :)

  7. Good one Pavvi.... Keep spreading love everywhere....