Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer of 99

Hey folks,
This is the school group photo of our SSLC batch (1999).I felt very nostalgic seeing this photo, so thought of dedicating a blog to my friends and teachers.After all its exactly 10 years since we wrote our final exams in SSLC .Here I try to jot down 1 fact which I remember as soon as I see the face.Please excuse and correct me if I get some facts wrong !!

Starting from top row ,left to right:
Harsha : Cricket we used to play in Saraswathinagar ground.
Satish : Very good in quiz, especially the sports quizzes.
V Kiran :
Prashanth Kasbekar : Eccentric !! Knew all questions and answers byheart (in order too !!) and could recite them even if you woke him @ midnight!! obviously one of the class toppers.
Manjunath (?!):
Chetan: Kabaddi ..what else ?
Ravindra:Used to visit his relatives near my house.
Girish:Took utmost care of his cycle,Was fastest runner among boys !!! I had tore his pants while playing kabaddi once :-)
Nityananda: Always being punished for one thing or other :-(
Avinash:We used to play cricket at his house.He was the one who introduced me to the world of TV video games.
S Kiran: Used to write beautiful ,concise essays !!
Nishanth:My closest competitor for best student award.Very popular and was very good @ quizzes.

Second row left to right :
Savita :
Shwetha :
Divya S : Was a good dancer.I used to always tease her as "Annamman dance !!"
Bina Bailey : Needle like creature.The only being the world to complement me for my dancing skills :-)
Gayatri Hegde: Very silent girl..
Manju : Very very silent girl .. When ever we wanted to sit very quite we would say "Manju virus" and then would sit silently for around 15 min.

Third row left to right:

Praveen : The great me :-)
Mahesh M: Oily nose ;-) We used to play our pranks so silently that one of our madam named us : silent mischief makers.
Seema : When I joined the school in 6th standard,I was made to sit beside her.She had not allowed me to keep the bag on the bench as I had snatched her position of bench leader :-(
Divya M:
Prathibha: A good singer.There was a poem in our syllabus which she found very difficult to byheart (karunaalu baa ಬೆಳಕೆ) .In the next year,I was surprised she sang the same song and won the competition.I learnt 2 things then: a) There is some magic in music . b) when you like what you do, no task is difficult
Revathi:Once teachers caught us thinking that she was copying my paper but we were released(?!) as I was on first bench and she in the last bench in the exam hall.(FYI, I dont think I have ever allowed anyone to copy my papers :-(
Prathima:Used to shout with a loud screechy voice.Fastest runner among girls.
Vinodini :
T Raghavendra:Naughtiest boy in our class.
Vijay R:Was too proud of his gear cycle :-)

Teachers (left to right):
Jai Shankar : PT Sir : Intoduced some music which was played in taperecorder for going from assembly to the class ..
Narasaiah:Science teacher(physics): Was responsible for my interest in stars. ( well even now I have interest in ...err.... film stars :-)
Hemalatha : Maths teacher: When I joined the school in 6th standard, it was her class that I attended first.In SSLC, we used to practise dance @ her house.Ate delicious bread pakodas also..
Mary George : HM and Moral Science teacher:
Vijayalakshmi:Science teacher(biology): Strict and methodical.Made full use of black-board.She had the unique distinction of making everyone cry in the class.She doesn't know that she did not make me cry.( wierd but true )
Nagaveni: Kannada teacher : Would make us enact stories in class.
Subhashini: English teacher: Another strict teacher. I always messed up spellings of weather and whether and she would get mad everytime she saw the same mistake :-)
Sujaya :Social Science teacher: Well I got 96 in SS where everyone else hated the subject.She was a good singer too.
Ganapathi: Sanskrit teacher: Very soft spoken , kind hearted gentleman.
<>: kannada teacher :I did not attend 1st langauage kannada classes.So no idea..

Some teachers who are missing in the photo:

Subhadra : Science Teacher (chemistry),English : Was very friendly with students.
Sreejatha : Sanskrit Teacher: Who taught us of sanskrit.
Parvatamma : SUPW teacher: Well she taught us to make crafts !!

Some friends who are missing in the photo:
Archana :One of the class toppers.Very systematic. I liked her handwriting.Infact the way I write the letter "a" was copied from her :-)
Poornima: Next to my name in attendence. I used to hate standing next to her as I felt superiority complex due to my height.
Shreyas: This small stout fellow was very agile .
Naveen, Navya : Twins.
Brinda/vrunda : Classical singer ..
and many more...

Since many are left out in that SSLC photo, I think it would be a good idea to upload our sixth standard photo too....