Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You drive me nuts!!!

 “He should have been here by now”, she thought.

               He was already 30 minutes late and each passing minute was feeling like a year. She knew that she could not expect punctuality from him, but then, this day was special. It is special to all lovers and they were not different. She looked at a gift store on the other side of the road. Covered in red hearts the store virtually shouted at lovers to buy something for their loved ones. And yes, the store indeed was flocked by people who wanted to buy something romantic to their partners.

“What would he gift me?” she thought.

               Actually the gift itself was immaterial .She wished for something bigger. And that was proposal. She wished he proposed her today. But then he was unusually late.

“May be he is having a hard time selecting a gift” .

                She felt she should call him but he would never listen to it. She had no other option than to wait patiently. She hated to wait but sometimes it felt nice to wait for a person you love.

And then …

Then she saw him, running excitedly .He had seen her from a distance and was visibly excited. He was on the other side of the road, his hand behind his back, concealing something. Obviously he was concealing the gift.

She was thrilled seeing him and started to blush. Blood rushed to her cheeks and made them pink. They were now separated only by a road.

Love is blind

And it was this blind love that made him cross the road in such tearing hurry that he failed to see the bike coming in other direction.

“STOP!! She shouted” but it was too late. 

The bike driver rode away cursing the squirrel now squashed dead on the road.
The nut brought by the squirrel rolled towards the leg of his girlfriend.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Valentine’s day or not : Before you cross the road, STOP LOOK, LISTEN, THINK and then when it’s safe, cross it.

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