Friday, June 19, 2009

Patience,Anger and Innocence

Yesterday I had as amusing experience which I thought was worth sharing..
A person who was driving his brand new car had a minor accident and his car was standing with one tire over the footpath. He was accompanied by his wife and a very small daughter. No one was hurt and actually no one was interested to have a look at them also. I just happened to overhear their conversation and found it interesting enough to post it here.

Here it goes.

Hero:(introspecting on what went wrong)
Wife: (Angry) : I told you so....
Daughter :( Comparable to Dexter’s irritating sister in her screeching voice) : Papa papa aapko bola tha naa...

Wife: (Angry) : You drive so rashly..
Daughter:(excited) : papa papa aap bahut tez chalate ho
Hero :(sad) : Hmmm

Wife:(angry): You just don’t listen to me.
Daughter:(innocently) papa papa aap to sunte hi nahi ho..
Hero:(Counting 3,23387 and more..controlling his anger): Hmm

Don’t worry why the little girl was translating everything. C’mon she is just so small and very excited to see her car over the footpath,so she can say anything which is there in her mind :)

Wife:( Fuming) : How much might it cost for the repair..
Daughter: (still screeching) : papa papa agar footpath pe car hai to log kaise jaayenge???
[I told you naa she can say anything]
Hero:(amazingly patient) : Hmm around 6-7 thousand.

Wife:(Volcanic): &*$^#%$^@#%$^@%#
Daughter:(inquisitive) Papa papa hum ghar kaise jaayenge??
Hero:( With superb commonsense and imagination ): McDonalds or Pizza ??

Wife:(Surprised !!) Err..Hmmm ...McDonalds.
Daughter(on the seventh heaven!!) mujhe McAloo tikki aur French fries chahiye...
Hero: (Taking his wallet) : Take this Rs:500 and take munni to McDonalds and take a rick to home. I will get the car repaired and reach home...We'll continue shopping next week.

That’s it, he had hit the bull’s eye and then he lived happily ...that day.