Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The obvious case of Anterograde amnesia.

Like the protagonist of the movie "Ghajini" ,this citizen of India also suffers from Anterograde amnesia.
He forgets all about terrorist attacks that claimed many lives and his anger on the hypocritic politicians only to be reminded of it when another attack happens.
He forgets to use cloth bags while going to market only to remember it when another cow dies of plastic consumption or sees a video about the problems created by plastic.
He forgets to vote only to remember it when he has to say something against the government.
He forgets that he is here to make a life but only remembers how to make a living.
He forgets adding life to years but remembers to add years to life.
He forgets to exercise and remembers it when he sees a obese person struggling through life.
He forgets the all powerful God,but remembers him only when he is in trouble.
He forgets that he is just a guest on this earth and not the owner.Someone has to remind him that one day he will eventually die.

Don't you think this Prajani has more problems than Sanjay Singhania???And whats the solution??


  1. Damn good le Nelli. Expressions better than Amir. :-)

  2. Aamir will commit Suicide after looking at this :) he he he

  3. Good workout, your 2 pack is damn good than Aamir's 6 pack.
    why can't you try in bollywood?

  4. Thanks...Even I want to try my hand in bollywood..but U know naa problems.Moreover my present company will not leave me to work outside :-)

    And for the body ,Yaa I worked out hard for 20 min

  5. Prajini rocks !!!
    If I ever produce a film, u wud b ma hero :)

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  7. Papa amir khan ge intha dina nodo gati barbarditu.... :D

  8. You are bang on target regarding the points on amnesia of a Indian citizen!!

    Very well articulated

  9. Ha Ha! Prajini, you look damn better than Aamir. You can give BW actors a run for their money.

    And in someways with the points that you have noted, all of us do suffer from amnesia!

  10. Prajini...whatta name!! ;-) You've made a profound statement about what we all miss out in life through this witty post of yours! The Photoshop work on your pic is also damn good. :-)