Saturday, July 4, 2009

Different people different perceptions.

Last Friday I was testing one of our feature which I was developing with two other colleagues,Nagraj and Shruthi. I had to create a hostname in our software and instead of giving normal names such as hostname1 or testhost ,I thought of getting off-track and named it as Shurpanaka. A cool name to name a host machine I thought.
Everything was OK until another Christian colleague noticed this.Now not knowing the story of Ramayana ,she wondered what Shurpanaka meant.She asked me a couple of times but I thought I need not explain as it was so obvious.Also as an hint I jokingly said it was the person ( I meant her) among us. She did not give up.After thinking hard for 68565 milliseconds she reached upon a conclusion.

Can you guess what she concluded??

Well she felt it was a short form of 3 persons who developed the feature :
shur (Shruthi)+
ka(belonging to {in Hindi})
Shruthi,Praveen,Nagaraj ka feature !!!!

Wow what an unbelievable matching !!!
No confusion ,Great combination !!

Afterall ,Different people different perceptions :-)


  1. ah! If you can see, most of our orators are good at this. They give meaning to things that do not have.

    Just to cite one, one harikathe daasaru once in his pravachana told the audience tat, "we are not supposed to drink water during Grahana(eclipse) because the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water will have separated at that moment".

    What an idea daas ji?