Sunday, September 19, 2010

No matter how you hide... I'll find you if I'm wanting to

Time :
Melbourne : 11:30 PM
Bangalore : 07:00 PM

Meaning: Offically office hours are over in both the cities.

Still why take a risk.
Mobile kept in an "out of coverage area "
( The corner where the signal is really weak) : Done
Sent an status mail
( To communicate that my work of that day is over ) : Done
Log out of official chat : Done
Log out of gtalk : Done
Go to invisible mode in gmail chat wigdet : Done
Logout of skype (used to call my team in India) : Done
Check and close if I hv enabled yahoo messenger
(which I enable only to chat with my cousin) : Done

Now that I have closed all doors of communication, I can watch my favourite movie online !!! Without any disturbance.

Ting ..

Whats that

Oh facebook chat !!! Forgot to close that !!!
Oh Wait .. Its Radheshyam Chattopadhyaya,my harmless team mate. He will usually goes home at 5:45. Perhaps logged in from home to say hi.

RC: Hi wazzup
Me : Mast. U?
RC : Fine.Need some help, are U free now?
Me : Of course I am !! Anything for you !! I am a samaaj sevak you know !!
RC : Hi Praveen, Its XYZD here. There is bug #420 raised against you.Can you look into it

For your information, XYZD is my manager

Me : But I am onsite here, not even in office network.Cant anyone else look into it?
RC : (now XYZD ) No ,you have been working on the module all along.Its very critical.Please check it.It should be easy.
Me : But its 11:30 out here.
RC : (now XYZD ) I understand..but its kind of blocker here. If you do it ,it might be faster.Can you please help me out this time.I am counting on you.
Me : Hmm Ok ,I will login again and look into it.
RC : (now XYZD )Thanks a ton...In advance.Will be hoping for a positive mail tomm morning. Take care.

And now I am working on that bug at 11:45PM , 9000 kms away from where I should have actually be doing it, inspite of all

the meticulous planning, all thanks to the "Social Networking sites" !!!

And far in the background I hear someone sing : No matter how you hide... I'll find you if I'm wanting to

Disclaimer: The character and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictional and any similarity to the name, character and history of any person, living ,in the team or otherwise is entirely co-incidental


  1. so Moral of the story : Dont add your team mates in your chat list or even if u do.. make sure u block them :)

  2. Don't worry dude as a team player and being the most wanted person in the team... u should always be at the team's disposal ..... :)

  3. I have two words for u - Come on !! :D

  4. No matter what part of the universe U are, Its the Indian IT tradition to work off office hours... Maybe this traditional topic should be included in our VTU syllabus...

  5. hey heard someone in Berlin was looking for u too to solve some bug from your earlier project.. wait will ask them to add you in facebook ;)

  6. The best song that i can think of you and ur XYZD...

    Well... I always thought this song can be used for couples but... there you go, you proved it wrong!

    So Apt!

    "Two Steps Behind (Acoustic Version)"

    Walk away if you want to
    it's ok, if you need to
    you can run, but you can never hide
    From the shadow that's creeping up beside you
    There's a magic running through your soul
    But you can't have it all

    (Whatever you do)
    I'll be two steps behind you
    (Wherever you go)
    and I'll be there to remind you
    that it only takes a minute of your precious time
    to turn around and I'll be two steps behind.