Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Teen Deewarein

Here is a simple compilation of 3 incidents that happened just some days before..Just thought of sharing with you..They are completey unrelated and not worth pondering..

Incident 1
Last saturday I had been to my grandma's house for mourning.My grandpa had lived a full 83 lively years and had passed away.All our relatives were present and had a good(?!) time meeting others as it was a rare occasion for people meeting together..Just when everything was going right ,my elder cousin sister ,forgetting that it was a mourning exclaimed ," What a nice atmosphere...full of near and dear ones....I hope these type of occasion comes very often" Dont ask me what happened next.

Incident 2
One of our collegue is a very short,skeletal like living thing.Inspite of his out-of-world looks,he always manages to hang out with girls :-)When enquired by many of them abt his skill,he asked us to assemble in a knowledge transfer (KT) session.
His teachings: 5 rules for success....

1. Smile 2-3 times to the girl U want to talk.

2. Introduce yourself or get introduced by a common friend

3. Slowly start talking to her casually.

4. Ask her abt her family..Most of the times they'll have sisters or brothers..Ask what they do..and whatever be the answer tell them "wow that course has good scope" OR "that company is very good".This will get her into a feel good state from where you can take off.....

5.Get to know her birthday and ask her for a treat.make your point clear that you are not coming to her all-friends party but need a seperate party and do not give up until you get one...And once that is done your job is over...Coding complete..Now you can call that method whenever needed!!!!
HOWZZAT ??What do you think? will it work?? I could not go beyond the first step :-(

Incident 3
My watch-belt's pin was broken and I had went to get it mended( past tense of mend?) He took my watch ,took a look and pushed the pin inside the hole and handed back to me.I was surprised when he charged Rs 2 for this not-too-great work.

I said him:
1. That repair was negligable and I could only do it.

2. That I am a s/w engg and I know that there are 2 solns for any problem.Temporary and permanent.He had done the temporary one

3. He had charged too much for that soln

He replied:
1. If it was so negligable and if I could do it I would not bring it to him.

2. If the temp soln is as effective as the permanent soln ,then it is worth it.

3. He knew how much s/w engg charge for a small fix(temp or pemanent) and that I would be ready to pay him Rs 5 if he had went to his room,did the same thing and had told me that he had replaced it...

He told me that it willl be safe for atleast a month .I asked him what if it required another repair in an week.He said,Even after you sell the product You give them bugfixes,support them and then charge them right??????
I parted with my 2 Rs and walked without looking back .....


  1. The first and the third incidents were real indeed that happens in life. You will mourn for a person who hasn't lived long enough to relish "LIFE". But people who have lived their life to the max, you would not feel pity for their demise. You will miss them but no one is immortal to live life forever. Remember, people in all sects feast when an individual passes away.

    The third was that of a straight forward answer for an arrogant question. We software engineers take people for granted. We aren't doing any favour to anybody by being software engineers. Building a software is just a job similar to that of a mason's job of constructing a building. The bottom line is everybody is earning their bread and butter. How they do it is all that "only" matters to the society. We are living in a hypothetic world. All we know and understand is the language of money. The watch repairer did a favour on you by repairing your watch that might be a dear gift from someone or a memory of your first salary. If you wouldnt had got it to him and left it as it is, it would have been in a corner of the drawer in your cupboard. He took two rupees only. We pay huge tips to waiters in expensive resturants where we shell money only to show the world "actually" of our lavish lifestyle but become a mean bug when we have to pay a nominal amount to a person who has done a job for us.

    The second incident is hard to believe for me. I have seen guys donning much better roles to win a girl. Here your friend wants to spend sometime with a girl only to kill time. He doesnt even want a girl actually. He needs to share himself with someone. His friends to whom he donated his gyan cant give him the comfort that he finds in a woman's company probably. And he changes them like his shirts. If the name of the game is flirting alone then what is left to turn back and look for if the girls too used him the same way. He didnt loose anything and nor did they but whats the big deal ?

  2. Hey you seem more than interesting. I was always intrigued by your profile on orkut and at rare times a mention by Prajwal, also his proclamation that you are one of his near and dear one. Your blogs make an interesting read. If you do not mind, please use the spelling and grammar check provided by Microsoft. Save that, all is fine.