Monday, June 11, 2007

Return to mumbai

This was the mail I wrote to my friends when I returned after my holidays ...back to work

I take this opportunity to thank Konkan railways who helped me reach my grandmotherland in time and then the sarkari state buses and tempos who helped for my local travel to reach my motherland.I would also like to thank Vijayanand roadlines for their immense help(err...immense charging) to shift our things from madikeri to our very own pollution-cum-traffic city,the silly-con valley ,Bangalore.Last but not the least I wish to thank Udyan express who kicked me from my motherland to the same old unknown pardesiland....MUMBAI.It took just 24 hrs and I can say U it was the first continuous 24 hrs in my life I had never uttered a single word.One day of dead silence!!!(I never had to my bag was filled with eatables and taranga (kannada)magazines).Finally I came back.Now for the reason for not mailing U for all these days.For the first few days after my return I was at the client side and then for the next few days fell I am recovering. When I had been at the client side( it was a subsidiary of Iflex),just when I was waiting at the reception for some one to meet at 7:30 PM some peon from inside knocked the door.He did not have an access card.Usually the reception room will have a switch from outside just near the door fot the receptionist to open the door without any card.I located that switch.It was just beside the door.Inorder to help him I just went and pressed the switch........................................................................... and BHAM.....the power in the whole office went down.Everyone ran helter kelter as they had many pages open and could not afford to shut down.Some panicked as this meant they could not meet the dead line.But luckily a security guard had seen me do that misdeed.He immediately went inside ,did the neccessary steps(which included telling all members the reason for the power cut).When the power came back after 3 min I could see the whole office glaring at me angrily.The security man told that I was lucky as the CEO was not there who left early that day due to heavy rains.,else he would send an official warning to POLARIS....Thank god!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the rains...heavy rains!! Never again will I go to that office again!!
As for these days mumbai is getting thrashed by heavy rains....but situation is not sooo worse as hyped by the media...But ...ya it is bad.And thanks to these rains ...on monday they left us at 4:00pm ( forced us to leave),tuesday at 2:00 pm and wednesday at 5:00 pm.
Well employees were charged on tuesday due to 2 early leave and two: match b/n germany and italy.Even in the bus the last seats were filled with football fanatics.When I went to occupy the last seat ,..I was thrown a question....Germany or Italy.....?
Being a kind of person I am ,I immediately replied "INDIA"....and got severly thrashed from both team supporters which I could have avoided if I would select only one team in which case I would get beaten by only one team...

Last night I saw the movie "KRRISH".Whatever the public says,I liked the move a lot.Except for a few childish silly acts the rest of the movie is too good.The things l liked about the movie are:1) Wonderful ,spectacular locations.2)Priyanka chopra and last and the best3) complete Hritik...Action,dance ,looks and the way he has carried the film(except for his clothings in the first half which was very bad).


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