Friday, July 6, 2007


Thinking of writing poetry
I sat like Newton under a tree
To get some inspiration from things around
But I did’nt find one ,sweet and sound
No matter how hard I think,
I did’nt get a word to ink
When my whole sheet lay blank,
I did’nt know whom to scold and whom to thank,
For giving me pen, paper and mind
But not an idea of any kind.
Still I wait for some inspiration,
To complete my poem with satisfaction


  1. woooowe!!!! is tht u Mr. Praveen writing all tht :O.. hehehe good one!! hope ur inspiration comes along well, lets c, how many more u'll write... hehehhee

  2. wow...good Poem..will pray for you to get inspiration for your poem soon....

  3. Yenappa.........Kuvempu Agabeku antha ediya,athava Dara Bendre Agabeku antha ediya....hehhe.....Tumba chenagidhe

  4. Well the poem was good. Don't worry it will happen one day, it happened to Newton why can't it happen to you... :)

  5. Good poem Praveen with rhyming words. Go on writing poems you will get inspiration from different sources but publish whatever you feel good.

    I think this poem i have seen before in Technovision or in your dairy.

    If you want to became Kuvempu or Dara Bendre write in Knokani or Kannda.


  6. ha, I am going to try out my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's truly awesome, thanks.

    - Murk

  7. Nice poem! Enjoyed reading it!! :)