Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Stranger things.

OK, that title was just to get you interested. It’s nothing to do with that popular series. Here’s some strange things that happened to me yesterday.

 Fineapple Juice.
I slowed down near this pineapple/mosambi juice stall at the side of the road while he removed the red cloth from the manual juicer. Slowly I got down and when I was sure none of them from my area are nearby ordered a glass of pineapple juice.
While he started pressing it against the machine and turned the juicer handle, I observed a tired looking poor guy nearby standing with his back against the wall. I just felt sorry for that guy and thought why not order another glass for him. By this time my drink arrived and I sipped it. It was great. He had added more sugar to make it great but I was OK with it. All this while he kept looking at me
 I finished my drink and then approached this poor guy and politely asked if he would like to have some juice of his choice.
He smiled and asked which juice I would prefer if I was given that option. Not to sound rude I replied that if I had to buy again I would buy mosambi one as I already drank the pineapple one.
He shouted, “Chotu, ek mosambi bana dena”
I was happy coz he had obliged and just when I was about to pay they both saw each other and exchanged smiles.
It was then I realized that the “poor” guy was actually the owner of this stall and he was so touched by the fact that I was buying juice for some stranger , he decided to gift me a free one :)

This was God rewarding me at 5G speed.

“Tender” coconut
“How much for one?”, I asked pointing to the tender coconut .
Mannu showed 3 fingers and made sounds.
I realized he was mute but did not change my expression to sympathy or otherwise and just asked him to give one.
After drinking I took out two twenty rupees note and offered him.
He said , in his sign language , that he has no change.
I checked my purse again but could not find any . So just like that I signaled him to keep that extra ten rupees.
He kept it and just as I was about to leave he made sounds asking me to stop. Then he picked out a smaller one and offered it. I was quite sure he picked it from the Rs.10/- ones. I felt this was win-win. Drank it happily. To my surprise, it had as much coconut water as the previous one. I thanked him and left. As I turned my vehicle and went in front of his stall I gave him a glance of gratitude.
He smiled and the board from where he had taken that smaller tender coconut read:


  1. I have been closely following all ur blogs... this one has been awesome !!! Nothing is bigger than gratitude in this fast paced world!!! Keep blogging cheers

  2. A little kindness goes a long way! :) this is a Heart warming post :)

  3. Perfect example for "Do good and good will follow you"!! Nice post ��