Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Prayer

He was a staunch theist. 
He did not do anything else than praying to God.
He did not care for anything else.
People felt if he prayed any longer , God would appear before him.
Suddenly one day, he decided to go on a spiritual journey to the Himalayas.
The path was strenuous but that did not stop him from praying.
After a long and lonely journey he finally reached the temple he was yearning to see.
There was no one other than the Sadhu and the holy rock which people called God.
There was absolute silence everywhere.
Nothing could come before him and God that day.
He felt blissful and liberated and prayed like never before
Spirituality satisfied , he was about to leave when the priest told him:
"As a tradition, people leave that one thing which is dearest to them.You too should do the same."

He never prayed again.

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  1. Very well written...keep the blogs coming

  2. Really nice..keep it up

  3. Awesomeness... I love this one :-)

  4. i think your prayers heard by the priest. He may be clever than you and your god. to preserve your god's property he asked from you. so, let's don't pray with so much of desires to be fulfilled or donot ask any boon.