Friday, November 30, 2012


I was walking down an empty road.

The cheerful chirping of birds ,for your ears
Calm roads, plush greenery all around, for your eyes
Piping hot Bhajji’s, for your tongue
Pleasant fragrance of aromatic flowers, for your nose and
Cool breeze blowing across your face…

When all the senses are tingled at the same time, the experience is out of this world. But sadly none of this happened to me.

     I just happened to be walking down an empty road, thinking about those wonderful sensations. After having the five senses wala thought, my sixth sense (not the common sense but nonsense) asked me to do something to atleast get close to that.

 Sonu Nigam singing to A R Rahman’s music , for my ears
Bright colored houses in a row, for my eyes
Minty cool Chloromint for my tongue.
Vicks inhaler for my nose and
Cool breeze blowing across your face (Hell Yeah!!)

Was all that I could manage…(pardon the product placement which comes to blogs too)
That aside, I was along walking at a slow pace. It is rare to find an empty road in Bangalore. But today it was. I neither know the reason nor want to know but it was certainly quite unusual. I could sense the creepy feeling growing around me. It was not dark but was quite late in the evening.

It was then I saw, the scene which sent a chill down my spine.

Five snakes were crawling on the middle of the road . Not dogs, cows or even buffaloes but snakes. You read it right SNAKES, all five of them !!

I froze on my spot.

     I was sure they were cobras as I could see the unmistakable design on their hoods. Now I knew what was unusual but what I did not know was what to do now. I could see that the snakes were just crawling here and there doing nothing. Mustering all my courage, chanting Hanuman Chalisa I moved forward. Till today I could not find a reason as to why I did not go back and run away in opposite direction. I went towards them carefully planning my steps to keep equal distance from each of them and miraculously managed to cross all five of them.

Fortune favours the brave. I was the hero. I was thrilled.

     When normal people panic at the sight of cockroaches,  I managed to cross five dangerous snakes. This had to go down in the history of my life as my greatest achievements. The fear had not yet subsided. But I felt the thrill of it. And then when I returned back to normalcy I decided to move as the place was not safe any longer. Now I started walking fast. I had to get out of this danger zone as fast as possible.

It was then I saw, the scene which sent a chill down my spine.

No, it was not another set of snakes.It was one of the cutest girl I had ever seen in my life !!

My background music suddenly changed from a fast disco track to a romantic one.
Guitars started playing
Flowers started falling from the skies.
Orange Maple leaves started to fly in the breeze, Mohabbatein 

      Unaware of all this , she kept walking , pushing the 4 strands of hair from her face to the back of her ear. I completely forgot what had happened forty two seconds earlier. Or rather forgot for few moments only. Then it struck to me, she was going to take the same route. In another fifty meters she would come face to face with those dangerous crawling reptiles. I had to save this super-cute damsel in distress. It is not usually I talk to some random girl I meet. Infact I had never done that but today was anyhow the unusual day for me. The day when I had conquered my fears.

     I stopped her. She quizzically looked at me. Her eyes were mesmerizing. She said nothing. I told her about the impending danger ahead and to avoid that road. She did not believe me at first but then I switched on the halo (which suddenly had gone off fifty two seconds ago) behind my head and that angelic circle of light above my head to show that I was her guardian angel. She was now tensed. I asked her to calls someone from home to help her. I was indeed enchanted by her and wanted to help her but my practical mind won the competition and told that the sane thing to do at that moment was to escape. She regained her composure and asked how I could manage to cross them. I, being a master story teller, added ample masala and told her a gripping story of how I achieved that unbelievable feat !!

She listened silently ,lifted her head and with great confidence said ,” I shall do the same”. I could see the spark in her eyes, but since I had fire elsewhere a minute back, I wished her good luck, made sure no one has seen me ( lest I get caught , if something unfortunate happens to her)  and left.
The only sound I could hear was the sound of her heels hitting the ground with great confidence.
I controlled myself from having a last look at the girl before forgetting her for quite some time  but then had her looks were so hypnotizing that I had to turn to see how she would escape the deadly track.

It was then I saw, the scene which sent a chill down my spine.

She was nowhere.

I strained my eyes to see if there was any place she could turn and go, but no. It was not just possible to disappear in thin air.When I am here , waiting for her to cry for help, so that I can go and save her, how can she escape unhurt. When my brain said to forget it and escape , my heart was curious , and Aamir Khan said "Talaash" !! ( well, its releasing today , so had to put it somewhere).
I started walking towards the danger zone to find out what other escape routes were there. Slowly, silently, carefully. Where was she ??

I ran and ran till I fainted, far away from that mysterious snake infested place after I saw six snakes in that earlier spot .


  1. It was when I read the last line which sent a chill down my spine. :)

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  3. Nice thriller - Hisssstory a.k.a. "Bala Naagamma" ;-)

  4. Superb Praveen... LIked "It was then I saw, the scene which sent a chill down my spine."

  5. Hiss Story, My first guess was probably are in love Mallika sherawat :-P not sure if it is silently dedicated to her :-)))) With the 57 blogs you have aced your story narration ability it gets the reader curious what's gonna happen next, in short gripping...

    We have read too many fictitious blogs of yours... now its time for you to fascinate your blog readers with some real experiencesss...:-) will look forward to one Hiss Story with real Malika sherawat :-P soon...