Monday, February 14, 2011

Love at first sight ??

He was in his death bed, all set to welcome death with open arms. His wife was next to his bed, holding his hands in assurance, a false assurance that everything will be all right. Both knew nothing was right. He was surely going to die. Just how many minutes more he had was the question. They had loved each other for many years. They had vowed to be together always. But now he was all set to break that promise. I will love you until death does us apart would be an apt promise he thought. But it was too late.

He looked at her eyes one last time.That look was a look of gratitude for supporting him all the years,for being with him in the ups and downs of life,for everything.

He looked at her lovingly and closed his eyes forever.She could see something in his eyes. It was the 88 year old man's Love. Love towards his 83 year old wife.

That was his "Love at last sight".


  1. Glad to see a post from you after so many weeks! :) Congrats on opening your account for this year!! Quite an apt post for today! Reminded me of the movie "Veer-Zaara". We'd all love to be in such relationships, but from a pragmatic view these rarely happen in real life!!!

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  3. Love is a mysterious subject... hardly anyone was able to fully comprehend it and express it.... you can only experience it but it is hard to express ... It is one of the ways with which we can reach the almighty...

    The love much more wide spread and vibrant than just between two peoples. Only we need the sense to feel it...

    I think I am very Philosophical, let me stop here only....

    Santhosh V.