Friday, February 27, 2009


A greedy laborer Mike

Planned to buy a bike

To fulfill whatever his like

Decided to sit on hunger strike.

Day by day the tension grew

The employers called up the crew,

The reason for his strike no one did knew

More bonus was his idea thought a few.

Still there was no satisfaction

No reason for his passion

So they decided by tradition

They shall take no further action

He lay sat at hunger strike

Until the hunger really did strike

He remembered the food, forgot the bike.

Thus he gave up the hunger strike.

This is the story of poor old Mike

Who gave up the strike when hunger really did strike.

Thus he put an end to his greed,

And thought his salary was enough for himself to feed.

(Poem written long back when I was in school )


  1. So you wanted a bike when you were in school itself n did a hunger strike for that too? ha too much!!
    Dude, you are good in poetry.. So let more of it come :)

  2. Finally a new blog post from you Praveen
    For so long where has the poet in you been