Monday, February 8, 2010

One man's poison is another man's food

It was evening snacks time.Myself and Vikram stood in a small queue , got our sandwiches and were looking for a place to sit...

Vikram (Pointing to a table occupied by 3 of our female colleagues) : Come , lets join them.

Me: Hey no!! All girls table means lots of gossip !! No need.Lets sit elsewhere.

Vikram: That's exactly the point!!! All girls table and lots of gossip !!

And for the first time in Indian history Vikram left the betaal and flew to reach the better story tellers :-)


  1. u r degrading teh female community in NSN.. u 'll be sued :P don't u know the existence of a 'committee'?

  2. heh heh ... i bet it wasnt only for the story !!!