Sunday, January 17, 2010

A fulfilling journey

Yes,we had finally decided to visit our relatives..after a long time.Its a very good habit to meet your relatives every now and then.
So we(I and two of my cousins ) set out to one of the most fulfilling journey of our lives.(You will know why it was so fulfilling in a few minutes.)

We landed at our first point.We thought since the time was 2:00 PM ,it was not right to visit someones house now ,as they would have just finished their lunch and we would land in an uncomfortable situation if they had to prepare one for us all over again.Thus the best idea was to have a food in some decent looking hotel.Now once you are in some temple of food ,its a sin to come out half empty.So we ate our hearts out and when we felt that the waiter was feeling that he now knew the reason for the famine in Somalia, we had to stop eating and leave.

Officially our first point started now.After the initial welcome talks we were offered lunch.We politely declined( and we had too..remember that famine in Somalia?) .So we were offered sprite (Oh what a respite !!) and chips.With whatever space we had in our digestive system we gulped down sprite with full spirit.We thanked them for their warm welcome and headed to destination-2.

Destination-2 had our grandfather waiting for us.Which meant that we had to give in to all the "respect your elders" sentiment and finish the Kesari bath in generous quantity served to us.Yes it did have that wonderful aroma ,beautiful colour and lots of cashew in that but then my belt was in the brink of giving up the fight of holding my stomach.
But yes ,we loved our elders and ate the Kesari bath like true warriors fighting for their country even though they are fatally wounded.
We had to get down the lift one by one as the lift would beep and never allow more than one of us to enter due to weight limitations.Stairs was never an option to us then :-)

We went to destination-3 on an auto who charged one and half of meter charge as he included extra charge for luggage.(yes he was pointing to our stomach).We were empty handed but yet felt pity on his auto which had to carry too much weight.

Destination -3 had a really caring aunty who thought we had become thinner than the last time she saw us and cursed our company for giving us so much work.Although we yearned for her curse against our company to come true ,we really had to ignore her former thought.But again ,we had a pre-committed sin.We had not met her for the last 2.5 yrs and the chances of you becoming thinner is proportional to the last time someone sees you and the only way to purify ourselves was to finish the chitranna she prepared with the tea.
This was the ultimate test of our never say die attitude.We realized why we were born in this planet.We had to eat it to save mankind from becoming thinner forever.Yes we did it...
The broken belt was dumped in the dustbin.

Just when we thought all was well we were caught by some friendly neighbourhood aunt of my aunt !!!! She said she had heard about from a long time but had not got a chance to see us ( we were now convinced about worth on this planet ).So as a mark of her happiness she offered each of us a 330ml of coke.Her logic was simple.We youngistaan guys would only eat pizzas and burgers and would never say no to soft drinks !!!Yes the logic was simple but this was cheating.Our contract never said that we had to respect some third party element's sentiments.Now somebody buys you a coke (without your consent) and is uncorked before you stop them you have to oblige.And as honorable citizens of India who abide by the culture of respecting each others sentiments, we started drinking that too...believe me this was the first time I hated a soft drink in my life...drop by drop we finished drinking it..

And I need not tell you after all this , I still had to return to my cousin's home and have some food as I had returned after a tiring round of meeting my relatives.

Moral of the story:
1. Do not eat till you are stuffed before going to any relatives house.
2. Don't visit more than 2 relatives back to back and that too if you are visiting them after a long time.
3. My stomach is as big as my heart !!!!


  1. cool one.. typical Praveen style.. But i can't imagine how ur aunt found u thinner than 2.5 yr back.. I've seen u making steady progress from the time I've known u .. or did manyata do something to u in the last 3 months? ;)

  2. hehe...good one.... very true....

  3. So very true...never visit more than 2 relatives back to back on a single day !!
    wonder how most elderly ppl always find us thinner than the last time we visted them !!

  4. Sahi hai :-) The language was simple yet had the humour intact. Keep it up!

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  6. Awesome post! Had a hearty laugh while reading it. Just the right stuff to help me unwind after a hectic day at work!! Keep writing. You do have have a talent, and don't let the spark die!!!