Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hibernation :-(

Of late I am losing interest in blogging and am yet to find out the reason.So am planning for a self incuded hibernation. But I would not like to lose some of the articles I would have written if it was not for my disinterest. So what I will do is make a short note on what was in my mind. I don’t think I will elaborate it any day. If at all I blog again it will be coz I will lose interest in "not blogging".

Article: 1
Charity Begins at home; corruption???

Points that made me write abt it
a) college library had limited stock of text books that were of interest to students. so there was a huge competition to get it under free-book-scheme (scheme where 2 books would be) given to students for the whole semester).And when there is more demand and less supply, corruption is sure to breed. In this case the librarian would take token money(read bribe) from some students and reserve books for them. On the distribution day, While we would struggle to get the books ,they would come 2-3 days later and take the book. This was the first form I bribery I encountered in my life and still feel bad for not fighting against it( and certainly not ashamed for NOT using that service ).

b) This is based purely on what I heard. The story goes that lecturers and wardens share new utensils and other items that comes to the college hostel. And only a part of it goes to the students staying there :-( How cheap!! It reminds me of how the money collected for earthquake/tsunami/flood affected ppl is distributed.

c) and finally the claim for transportation done by the employees .I have seen employees overcharge the claim amount for reimbursement. Also those who go onsite get false bill and claim them back here. another form of corruption :-)

d) there are so many other things that I have lost count

Article :2
Of God, and religion
Wanted to write what I thought abt the God, its existence, religion, birth and death. And had collected enough points. but now in no mood to write. One of those points is that a person will undergo the birth and death cycle until he gets moksha(salvation).Each person takes a step near moksha every birth. It’s like a product which is tested again and again and you find bugs in every iteration and then solve them and once it passes required test it is released !!!

Article 3:
I wanted to write about the team building outing we had.We had gone to pegasus institute where we played team-games and learnt a lot about ourselves.It was planned to be on the similar lines on that of the kotligad blog I wrote long ago but I delayed it enough to lose interest now.

Article 4:
Well I hv lost interest in this particular blog I am writing too.So will stop here.

Ok bye signing off for now.Going in search for an inspiration and motivation for writing again...............


  1. What nelli?? U r running away from writing a Blog??This is bad.

  2. Hey nice blog..keep it going... and yes i'm still a polarite not a proud one though :)

  3. Nice Praveen, keep writing and posting.