Friday, August 1, 2008

All roads lead to Rome

Recently I watched the much hyped dasaavataaram and more than the film the concepts in it are lingering in my mind.The movie was about chaos theory and the butterfly effect.It said that everything which happens in the world are for a reason.Pondering over it I recalled one incident which completely interlinked with each other and here is the series of incidents :

Scene-1 :
Year :1998
Place : Cordial High school Ground
Situation: Annual day
I was watching the annual day with my family and friends.everything was as usual : the speeches,award ceremony ,cultural programmes etc. At the end of the ceremony they announced that from that year a new award was being given to the student who has shown allround performance in the school in 10th standard.And was awarded to some "BEST STUDENT". My mother casually told me ," Praveen,I want you to win the award the next year". And I jokingly replied " Surely".
End of scene-1

Scene-2 :Year : 1999 (1 yr since scene -1)
Place : In my house on my bed
Situation : Dreaming
I was sitting in some auditorium and some event was going on.Suddenly in midst of all that ,they announced that Praveen Nellikeri had won some award. Surprised and elated,I walked to the stage ,received the award and came back to my seat.All the while I could hear a huge round of applause.
End of scene-2

Scene-3 :
Year 1999(1 day since scene -2)
Place : Our school ground
Situation: Some rehearsal for sports day where we they choreographing some Mass PT stuff. Everyone was yelling ,making noise..I was standing silently in the line thinking of the previous night dream.Seeing this one of my teacher ,Sujata madam, called me in front and told all others to take me as example and maintain discipline. Filled with pride I said " Oh ,then ma'am ,this years best student award should go to me only".She stood silent for a moment and then smiled and left.
End of scene-3

Year 1999 (1 month since scene-3)
Place: Decorated school ground and Stage
Situation: Annual day
No suspense. "The Award for this years Best student goes to Mr.Praveen Nellikeri for his outstanding academic excellence and equally good all round cultural activity participation.........". My mother was clapping,My friends were clapping,Sujata ma'am was clapping ...and yes everyone present there were clapping.It took a minute to realize what had happened and then I walked to the stage ,received the award and came back to my seat..
End of Scene-4 and the whole cycle of award co-incidences

Year 1999 (1 hour since scene-4)
Place: School ground
Situation: Appreciation from everyone
Everyone was appreciating me.I was elated.Just then Sujata ma'am came to me and asked..." . I was surprised when you told you wanted the best student award this year.Because at that time only we had finalized that you will get this years award.And it was to be a secret. Did U really know it beforehand?? I just replied "No"..

But it seems everything was planned by God 1 yr back only ,right?? and probably told me too :-)


  1. wonderfull way of narating the story.. i could really feel myself in the your school. i am a grt fan of his art..
    u rocks bro

  2. Hmmmm a nicer way to put across ones' thoughts of yore. Especially i loved the idea of one hour since a scene stuff. I wish you could close the my score part on your blog. It's a little too true ;)But love your write ups man. They have certain frankness to them, which you wouldn't otherwise find in regular/professional blogs.
    Keep blogging, never stop raving about your posts on others' orkut profiles. You never know, tomorrow could all be yours. Stay cool.

  3. loved the way u narrated everything here. n u hav gr8 mind to interpret the things happening around man. Keep it up