Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Heres a compilation of what all I remember when I hear the word "POLARIS".It is by no means

an exhaustive compilation but there are only the ones that I could remember while writing

it..I would have loved to write a long story about it but sound too lazy to do so.Even then

I think this is enough to make me remember all the memorable incidents I had in my stay at

They are not in any sort of chronological order,nor the two lines grouped togeather are

linked in any way...
And as a parting shot ,I wanted to clarify that this was not done during my "WORKING HOURS"

here :-)

Things I remember abt Polaris..

First day blazers
Fights with HR's

Forwarding e-mails
Staring females

Open houses
crowded buses

Empower logging
Bulletien board blogging

Indiana House
Non working mouse

No comp offs
Incomplete docs

Armor down
All clients frown

Support issues
Napkins and tissues

Orbisolve checkin
ICH/Keddys canteen

Meagre salary
Photo gallery

Lotus notes
Wiki profile votes

Onsite gaajar
Saturday bhi haajar

Helpful seniors
Playful juniors

Diwali mela
Lunch ke baad kela

Another spectrum
only beer,no rum

Polaris day
Best decorated bay

Kotligad trek
1hr tea break

Gem of Gems
Late sitting claims

Making new friends
Working on weekends

Power of precision
SCJP certification

Spot awards
Access Cards

Weekly newsletters
Fortnightly PSRs

Compiling code

Corporate heights
Blocked internet Sites

Stream outings
Job huntings

Ullas trust
Corridor dust

Under maintainance lift
General,second and night shift

Monthly Toggle
Search in google

Mandatory lakshya
Gyan vrakshya

Evening snacks
Worthy konarks

Project deadlines
Coding Guidelines

Nalanda training
Everyone complaining

Watery Tea
Month end party

Latest realease
Resolve this soon Please

Appraisal cycle
Company vehicle

REAP scheme
Live your dream

Seepz pass
Conference calls

Registration key

Induction Training
IT filing

VOIP phones
Project milestones

Silver coin
Punjab's loin

Project Manager

Notice period
Chutney smeared bread

Flight ticket

Lokhandwala flats
Gmat,ZAT and CATs

Cockroaches and bedbugs
Build and debugs

Food-cooking bai
Vada-pav and chai

Team of the week
Birthday Cake

Salary hike
Receptionist Annoucement mike

Tar, jar and war

And Finally,

2yr bond
After that abscond


  1. Dude, update!!

  2. Hey I can't comment on this post :)

    Have fun,

  3. it's funny... lol.. btw am part of nalanda

  4. @distanthorizon:
    Thanks for that..Seems U too are a proud polarite..( well I hv left the company ).

    As for the nalanda part..I wrote it just for rhyming words hard feelings ...